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November 5th, 2025

09:59 am

Officially friends-only.

NOTE: If you friend me, there's something you've got to know, and that's that my journal is not fandomy. It's very real-lifey, and while I do filter to an extent, you're going to hear a shit ton about college, where I live, stuff like that. If that does not appeal to you, it might be best if we remain lovers from a distance.

That is all.

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November 4th, 2025

09:44 am - Testify!
All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth.

Note the testimonials on my profile page? Want to add to them? Now you can. Just comment on this post (it can be anon if you prefer), and whatever you say, positive or negative, will go up with my other testimonials. It's superfuntimes, so please take advantage.

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November 2nd, 2025

09:42 am - AR's Lists
Because AR makes them and then they take up space on her profile, when she'd much rather it be a neat, tidy little thing, you know?

Her fandoms and fascinations, past and presentCollapse )
Top Ten Movies of All TimeCollapse )
Top Ten Black and White Movies of All TimeCollapse )
Top Ten Musicals of All TimeCollapse )
Top Five Disney Movies of All TimeCollapse )
A Short List of Personal HeroesCollapse )
Things She LikesCollapse )
Songs in Velvet Goldmine not on the soundtrackCollapse )
People she'd love to roleplay asCollapse )
RPG characters, past, present, and futureCollapse )

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November 1st, 2025

06:38 pm - The [Incomplete] List of AR's Albums
Current Count: 440

I am counting both CDs that are irrefutably mine and CDs that belong to the family at large (because I am in my family, they are at least partly mine, and in any case, they certainly have an impact on my musical library). I've tried to put them in alphabetic order--specific artists last name first, bands as they are, articles at the end--but if I've messed up anywhere, tell me? :D

I am not normally comfortable burning entire albums for other people. This list is a reference for you all as well as me, though, because if there should happen to be something you want? I'll be happy to send some songs your way. And also, when someone does something reallyreally nice for me, my response tends to be "OMG THANK YOU CAN I GIVE YOU MUSIC IN RETURN". In which case, having some kind of list is understandably helpful. :)

If you have any questions about any of these albums or artists--who they are, what kind of music it is, can you have it, whatever--please feel free to ask? Because it'd be awesome to know that my lack of life has somehow touched someone else's. Or something like that. ^_-

AR's List of AlbumsCollapse )
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March 23rd, 2010

02:35 am - burning and raving at close of day
Signal boost: femgenficathon is transphobic.

If not for the blatant transphobia, I would be signing up for this ficathon; in light of their complete disregard for trans women, I have instead signed up for the shiny new Temeraire ficfest and requested three different women-centric gen fics. I would recommend that anyone interested in the femgenficathon do the same with their respective fandoms.

Everything I else I have to say right now is either utter keyboardmashing at this or inappropriately cheerful to tack onto the end of this post, so let's leave it at this. Tell all your friends: femgenficathon is lying when the rules say that it's a ficathon dedicated to promoting canonical female characters. They're really only interested in the cis women.

eta: The rules have been amended.
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